Chemical Warfare

Friday May 26th 6pm-8pm
Saturday May 27th 8am-9pm
Sunday May 28th 8am- 2pm.

120 player cap. 3 teams with 40 players each. Syrian Arab Republic(government), Rebels and Islamic State. Pre registration is $50 per person. Registered players will receive an event patch and raffle ticket.

Syrian Arab Republic: Tan based camo(desert marpat,dcu,acu,multicam,multicam arid,desert tiger,3 color desert);
Rebels: Green based camo(multicam tropic,woodland,woodland marpat,jungle tiger,atacs fg);
Islamic State: Black shirt with black or dark colored pants, multicam black;
Roleplayers: White shirts, no dark gear other than backpack or battle belt. no weapons.

You must remain with the team in which you signed up.
Tops, bottoms and head gear must match base color of your side.
You may wear any color gear.

Team Affiliation

All players are required to have FULL SEAL ANSI Z Rated goggles while on the field at all times! No mesh goggles are allowed. Lower face protection is mandatory for players under 16. Lower face protection is recommended for all players. Age cutoff for this event is 14. DEAD RAGS ARE REQUIRED!

Airsoft is an honor sport. Call your hits! When in doubt call yourself out! Cheating will not be tolerated! Repeat offenders will be ejected from the field without a refund.Penalties will be assessed to the team. Any hits to the body or gear counts as a hit. Gun hits do not count.Once hit the player must yell “HIT” and immediately place the dead rag over your head. Dead men don’t talk. Not even on the radio! You will be penalized! If any disputes arise about hit calling then yell “ref check”. Calling out other players for not calling hits will result in penalties for your team.

This is a semi only event with the exception of true replica support weapons(SAW,PKM,M240,RPK,M27). Rifleman can carry up to 8 mid cap magazines. SAW gunners can carry a max of 2 box mags. No reloading on the field. Reloading is only permitted at your spawn point. All weapons are to be semi only inside of any structure. No shooting within the Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) established for you weapon.Hits through vegetation count as a kill. Ricochets do not count.

Grenades/Mortar Strikes have a 15ft. kill radius.
Yellow Gas: 25ft. contamination radius,3 minute bleedout,no medic
Orange Gas:50ft contamination radius 5 minute bleedout no medic
Red Gas: confirmed destroyed structure

Medic Rules:One medic per 8 players. All players have a 5 minute bleedout. If a medic reaches you before your bleedout expires they will wrap medic tape(provided by RU) around your arm or leg to revive you. If a medic does not reach you then you must return to your spawn. Once a player has been medic 2 times then they must return to their spawn after bleedout.

FPS Limits: measured with .20
400fps or 1.55 joules for rifleman 0ft. MED
450fps or 1.86 joules DMR and Support Gunner 50ft MED
550fps or 2.8 joules Bolt Action Snipers 100ft MED
HPAs will chrono with .32g bbs and will be zip tied.
No refunds once tickets are purchased. Can only be transferred to another player for this event.

This will be the first installment of the series.

Syrian government has been using deadly chemical gases on its civilians to control uprising. The Rebels are fighting for the people to overthrow the government. Meanwhile the Islamic State has started occupying the country and trying to acquire chemical weapons.

There will be many control points that any team can occupy to gain points. Each team will be given side objectives with time limits to complete to gain points if successful. New areas of the field will be open. A field map will be released before the event with the updated locations.

Certain color smoke (yellow and orange) will be used for chemical attacks. RU will supply those colors to command when needed. Players are NOT permitted to use orange, yellow or red smokes at any other time during this event. All other colors are permitted for cover.

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