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Whether it is in the form of recreational bicycles, gravel bicycles, cycle tourism, cyclosportives, or outright sports with participation in competitions, we cannot travel on our roads without meeting cyclists (not to mention mountain bikers), and this all year round. This raises security concerns, but that is not the purpose of this article. Article by

Cyclists, like all athletes, need a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals and vitamins. Admittedly, a diversified diet is likely to make it possible to achieve this objective. However, the cyclist who has an important practice – strong (in volume and intensity) and heavy (I am thinking in particular of mountain bikes) – will […]
To be able to indulge in your favourite sport, it is necessary to have a race bike. To acquire one or to replace one’s own is not always obvious. You have to choose the material of the frame, the wheels, the peripherals, and know its dimensions to optimize its position. All of these issues will […]
If you want to follow precise protocols about defined objectives, it is better to stay focused. Indeed, for each of the exercises I propose below, it is necessary to keep an eye on your heart rate, pedalling rate and stopwatch. Before getting to the heart of the matter, I will simply recall a few basic […]