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You’re thinking of buying some running shoes and you don’t know which one to choose? Looking for best running shoes for narrow feet and high arches. In this guide I explain everything you need to know about running shoes. Running is a sport, and beyond running clothes, the only thing strictly necessary to start running […]
Is anyone else sick of being told to drink more water? My mom tells me, my doctor tells me, my nutritionist tells me, and even I tell myself that every day. However, a couple of weeks ago I complained to my nutritionist because I told her I’m going to the bathroom every half hour. […]
But every gram saved on the weight of his bike is expensive, sometimes even very expensive. Before incriminating his equipment in case of misfortune, let’s first take a look at our weight. Indeed, it is quite possible during the season to lose the kilos that we would still have overweight or that we would have […]
The courier needs, in general, and to get results, to eat and drink appropriately. The same is true, albeit in different proportions, for cyclists and cyclists. This is the case for the latter, during his long outings in hilly terrain (130 km and more), and even more so when he embarks on major energy-intensive events […]
It should be noted at the outset that this article is devoted only to tires, while some cyclists sometimes ride in the gut, not to mention of course the messengers. Readers wishing to compare the characteristics of casings in relation to tires should consult the article I have already published on the subject in recent […]